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Employing an Infrared Camera and the science of
Thermography is an important element of a professional
Mold & Moisture assessment. This non-destructive
technology identifies thermal anomalies that could indicate
areas with elevated moisture. Naturally, the elevated
moisture of building materials sets the stage for mold &
fungal growth.

This informational source should be considered an
enhancement to visual observations and a screening
method to investigate moisture intrusions. Additional
findings of thermal anomalies may be detected which have
no moisture-related connection despite the observed
temperature differential (∆T). These observed anomalies
could be caused by numerous things such as improperly
installed or missing building insulation, air entering or
exiting the building and pressure differentials.

It should be strongly emphasized that Infrared Cameras do
not “see thru walls or material”. This is a myth and simply
not correct. The unique picture generated by the camera
has an interesting x-ray quality image which tends to
mislead the layperson and although the camera appears to
have such capabilities it actually detects thermal anomalies
at the surface of a material.

While the advancement of infrared technologies allows for
a more thorough assessment of homes and buildings,
these tools require correct data interpretation. Proper
training in Thermography is required to educate the
building science investigator in the collection and
interpretation of the information provided by this state of
the art tool and to report those findings in a meaningful

Suspect building materials are then investigated further
with the use of a moisture meter to actually confirm the
presence of elevated moisture.

Examples of effective Infrared Camera uses...

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This Infrared Camera service is the most common and is INCLUDED as part of
a basic water damage and mold investigation. The report created for you is
typically what is used to verify your claim with the insurance company. The
Infrared images are often used to illustrate elevated moisture issues along with
digital images provided in a full report.


This Infrared Camera service typically used when a building or structure is
suspected of having one or more water intrusions of some type. Unidentified
Roof leaks or Window area leaks and/or unidentified Plumbing System or pipe
failures are usually the conditions when this service is called for.

This investigation may include a written report for a homeowner, property
manager, or commercial facility supervisor, fully documenting the water
intrusions discovered and offering repair recommendations.

This is also provided to assist in locating an unidentified water intrusion source
for an ‘On-Site’ contractor or tradesman where no report is needed, but specific
information of the leak location or cause will allow for immediate repairs.


SPECIAL NEEDS?   We are available to assist you with your specific Infrared
Camera Assessment needs in a CUSTOMIZED ASSESSMENT PLAN designed
especially for you.



Heat is referred to as the transfer of electromagnetic energy, in the infrared
band, through either conduction, convection, or radiation between two or
more substances. The measurement of the transfer of this infrared energy is
called temperature. There is no heat or temperature without this energy
transfer. Infrared energy is invisible to the human eye but can be felt,
sensed, and measured.

THERMOGRAPHY is the observation of this energy using an Infrared
Camera to capture the images of those temperature differences, allowing
the camera operator to locate building issues not visible to the human eye.

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